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Just as the 1990s brought the rise of life coaches, the new millennium is the age of the divorce coach.

from an article by Geoff Williams published Sept. 19, 2012 by Reuters

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These Complimentary 90 Minute Training Webinars are for you if you:

  • Feel wrung out and want a change in what you do every day for work.
  • Want more clients in your practice.
  • Desire more flexibility in what you offer clients in your practice.
  • Feel like your practice needs a boost with a new stream of revenue that differentiates you from others.
  • You are committed to helping people find a better way of going through divorce.
  • See that what you are doing with your clients stops short of really making a difference.
  • You want to be the “go to” person for supporting clients in divorce in your community.
  • You have the education and experience and you have put in your time – now you want to enjoy your work!
  • Have gotten to a point where you want to leverage your deep knowledge and desire to “do good”.

What is in it for you?
What you will take away from each of these virtual webinars are actionable insights and details about how you can help your clients in specific ways. You will also be given information about how you can take what we cover deeper – a path forward if what we cover really strikes a chord for you!

Leveraging Your Expertise to Become a Divorce Coach

 This FREE virtual seminar is for YOU if you want to:

  • Understand 5 of the biggest reasons that drive people to seek help in divorce
  • Recognize the 12+ most compelling Coaching Access Points where people going through divorce need your support
  • See the potential business value for you and your practice.
  • Understand the dynamics which help your client become a better client for others and save money in the process

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Turning the Story of Divorce into the Business of Divorce

Learn 4 Simple Strategies for Turning your Client into A Credible Client and Re-focusing them on the Business of Divorce instead of the Story of Divorce!!

In this free virtual training we will look at:

  • The triggers that trigger us
  • The emotions that hijack us
  • The thinking that undermines us
  • And 4 strategies that can change everything – without hours on the couch!

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Getting More Visibility and Referrals for Divorce Coaching The Easy and Natural Way

This FREE virtual seminar is for YOU if you want to:

  • Hate the idea of selling yourself and your services – especially when many you meet don’t have any idea what you do as a Divorce Coach!
  • Sweat bullets in meetings where you have to explain what you do to people who are well-established in the field of Divorce.
  • Procrastinate like crazy knowing that you have to call to set up appointments with professionals in the community who seem to control everything related to divorce!
  • Don’t know what to say to people who are experts in what they do for clients who are divorcing and you are afraid of coming across as unprofessional.
  • You will learn to understand the landscape of divorce and how to position yourself with other professionals in the field in such a way that they will listen to what you have to say; and will sit up and be interested in making a connection with you.

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Helping Your Clients Avoid the Six Biggest Mistakes in Divorce

This FREE virtual seminar is for YOU if you want to:

  • Are feeling powerless from stopping your clients in their tracks when you see them making one of these big mistakes.
  • Can’t seem to convince someone to re-think a choice they are making that you know will have serious consequences!
  • You want to help people avoid some of the pitfalls of decision-making which may have significant financial implications!
  • Want to find a more comprehensive way to help individuals through this challenging divorce process and major life change.

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Training includes:

  • Access by computer or by phone.
  • 60 minutes in a live training call with both Pegotty and Randy Cooper
  • Including 15 minutes Q & A, plus:
  • a free follow-up call if you have questions that aren’t answered;
  • a pathway forward if you want to learn more about the tools and resources you can use to make a big impact on individuals going through the divorce process.
  • In these special training free webinars you will see how to tap your wisdom and your commitment to helping others in divorce. If you are a coach or someone who has thought about becoming a coach, this will be very valuable information to help you to support others in their divorce process.

Randy and Pegotty Cooper, co-founders of the CDC Certified Divorce Coach Program invite you to join us for the upcoming virtual seminars

Pegotty-RandyBuilt on almost a decade of serving people in divorce as a family mediator and as a coach, we understand exactly why the role of Divorce Coach is an important and missing player in many divorces. In fact, everyone we share the information with, including attorneys and therapists, they all say “I wish I had had a personal Divorce Coach in my divorce!”.

We are also authors of the book: Divorce: Overcome the Overwhelm and Avoid the Six Biggest Mistakes in Divorce – Insights for Personal Divorce Coaches.  Divorce overwhelms everything, including the other professionals who work with clients in divorce.  We can not only show you how to engage with other divorce professionals, but also how NOT to get overwhelmed yourself in the development of your divorce coaching practice!  

We lead a team of experienced and talented professionals who share with you their experience and knowledge in working in divorce with difficult personalities, and with children, as therapists, family mediators, parenting coordinators, financial planners, CDFA’s, attorney, and coaches.

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Want to know what others say about the program?

"Everything the CDC course taught me has been on-point, and although I am still dealing with my ex and the legal exchanges on a weekly basis, life has never been better for me and my children.  The tools your course gave me have enabled me to deal with whatever comes up with confidence and my "best self".  I so appreciate your work."
A.G., Ph.D. Colorado

"I liked the fact that we could go back and look at the business development as though we had never been in a coaching before.  It was very helpful to go back and review that."
Cindy Holbrook., CA

"I was so delighted in making connections with so many great people. The substance of the course was amazing. I experienced my own mind shift about what coaching is and what it isn’t."
Cherie Morris, Attorney, Mediator, Coach, Author, Washington DC

"The Mentor helped me get up to speed much faster."
Cathy Tusek, Certified  Coach,  Ohio

"The CDC program enabled me to hit the ground running!"
Petalyn Swart-Albert, Certified Co-Active Coach, California

"This class exceeded my expectations and was priceless! The tools were instrumental and provided me with confidence that I can succeed! The knowledge and expertise involved with the class were over the top!!!"
Kerri-Schnapper, New York

"I got everything I expected from the course and more. The quality of the program and how focused it is fantastic.  I feel as though I bought a business in a box."
Michael Carlisle, NV

"I was most pleasantly surprised by the amount of information – but information we could take home and touch and review . It is the most I have gotten from any certification I have gotten in my career.  The work I did also made a huge difference with my teenage son and I am so grateful for that."
Samantha Ackers, J.D. TX