Dates for CDC Divorce Coaching Intensive.

The whole program consists of two parts, normally taken together but with permission can be taken sequentially. Both part make up the whole course which is required for CDC Certified Divorce Coach® Certification.


Proprietary CORE Process, Divorce Coaching Competencies, the Neuroscience of Coaching Divorce, plus many highly valued models for other specialty areas.

May 2/3—August 22/23, 2017
August 29/30— December 19/20, 2017
January 9/10— April 24/25, 2018

Time 1: Tuesdays 12—2 pm ET
Time 2: Tuesdays 8—10 pm ET
Time 3: Wednesdays 3—5 pm ET


The application of the frameworks to real-life scenarios and explorations about how to help the client take effective actions in their divorce process.

May 3/4 —August 23/24, 2017
Aug 30/31—December 20/21, 2017
Jan 10/11—April 26/27, 2018

Time 1: Thursdays 12—2pm ET
Time 2: Thursdays 8—10 pm ET
Time 3: Fridays 3—5pm ET

Email us at to enroll or for more information.

The Divorce Coaching Intensive is in the process of being approved by the ICF for CCE’s. Our assumption is that it will be approved for the split listed below. This is subject to change upon approval of the program.

Core Competencies 52
Resource Development 12

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Periodically we also offer bonus training sessions as well which you will be notified about.
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