Program Tuition and Fees

We are currently accepting 12 enrollment applications for each section of our next course.  (Click here for upcoming course dates) The tuition for the full program which includes both Coaching Foundations on Monday and Divorce Coaching on Thursday is $4,300.

Divorce Coaching Intensive with a Professional Discount for those with a practice in Law, Mediation, Mental Health, Divorce Financial Analyst, or Life/Executive Coaching: $3,700.

The Divorce Coaching Intensive can be taken with both sections concurrently or each one sequentially.

This is payable over 10 payments, the initial 1/10 submitted with your enrollment form, and the 2 – 10 payments starting with the first month of the program until payment is completed.

Your enrollment is secured by submitting 10% of your tuition fee with your enrollment form. Click here for training dates.

The tuition for the full program waives the $450 CDC® application fee and the $145 first year CDC® license fee.

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