I am a Trained Coach

divorce-coachA trained coach means that you are trained in the foundational core competencies of coaching as defined by the ICF, IAC, or other nationally or internationally recognized coach-specific training programs.

Coaches who have gone though the program have recognized value in the following ways:

  • When graduating from their coach training program they have been faced with choosing a niche or specialty type of coaching because individuals hire coaches who can help them to move forward in specific areas.
  • Because of their own experience, they know the value that coaching can bring to those going through divorce.
  • They have been coaching people in divorce and they want to find a certification credible with the other divorce professionals.
  • They have already been coaching people post-divorce but they didn’t have the confidence in coaching people from the very beginning of the divorce process – from help, I have just been served with papers – what do I do? And they found the tools, skills and best practices to help someone from the beginning all the way through, without getting overwhelmed themselves.



What Kind of Training Does It Take for You To Succeed as a Divorce Coach?

  1. Specific Divorce Coaching best practices – coaching practices specifically designed for working in the most challenging of circumstances with individuals who are stressed to the max – and proven methods for getting results.
  2. A program framework for your divorce clients – tools which help people through the challenges they meet at each of the stages in divorce;
  3. Mistakes people make in divorce – scenarios specific to difficult situation found in divorce and strategies for coaching client and avoiding the mistakes that can have a big impact on their future or represent unnecessary errors;
  4. Business building sessions – specific marketing strategies, scripts for discovery sessions, messaging and templates which can be modified for your own use.
  5. A registered trademarked Certification that licensed professionals can respect. And a community of professionals supported by a Certified Divorce Coach Directory, private forum, frequent updates and support for coaching your first few clients.

The Program Includes:CCE_WEB-tiny
International Coach Federation (ICF) approved program which sets the international standards for what is coaching.
• Live Interactive Web-Based Training
• Mentor and Peer coaching
• Comprehensive Manual
• Post-Certification SupportCDC Manual
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