I am a Mental Health Professional

Why other Mental Health Professionals have found value in becoming a  CDC Certified Divorce Coach®.

  • Picture3To add a divorce coaching practice to their services.
  • The program covers many aspects about the business of divorce and uses their strengths -based non-pathology based skills.
  • Working with a different population who is less resistant.
  • Leveraging relationships with former clients to offer them additional services.
  • Increase their income per session.
  • Develop an online/phone practice.
  • Broaden their marketing and create a niche to add to their practice.
  • Create a cash (versus insurance reimbursed) service.


The Program Includes:CCE_WEB-tiny
International Coach Federation (ICF) approved program which sets the international standards for what is coaching.
• Live Interactive Web-Based Training
• Mentor and Peer coaching
• Comprehensive Manual
• Post-Certification SupportCDC Manual
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