I am a Divorce Attorney

Why other attorney’s have participated in or supported the CDC Certified Divorce Coach® program:

  • Female SpeakerThey wanted to move on from the courts and recharge their batteries from the challenging litigation process.  Or they want to work with clients, leveraging their legal knowledge, expertise, insights and understanding about the process and serve clients in a different way.
  • They wanted to serve clients in a more holistic way and to feel confident in being able to handle their non-legal, communication and decision-making challenges about life in general and their divorce in particular more effectively.
  • One area of concern of dissatisfaction in the attorney-client relationship is over legal fees and they have found that being able to add this value added service of divorce coaching by another member of your staff this often mitigates some of the frustration and creates a better communication with the client.
  • If your practice has time taken up initially with people who are still in the decision process about divorce, they could be talking with one of your other staff who is trained as a certified divorce coach to help clients answer the question  “Should I or shouldn’t I?”



The Program Includes:CCE_WEB-tiny
 •   International Coach Federation (ICF) approved program which sets the international standards for what is coaching.
•    Live Interactive Web-Based Training
•    Mentor and Peer coaching
•    Comprehensive Manual
•    Post-Certification SupportCDC Manual
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