Free webinars give you specific actions to become a better divorce coach!

October is here – and we are getting ready to hold our free training webinars again to share with you a lot of valuable materials from our CDC Certified Divorce Coach® Program.

These webinars are for you if you want to:

Get over you fear of being swallowed up by the fire hose of

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Time to Get off the Fence and Start Your New Profession as a Certified Divorce Coach!

Let’s face it – there is no “good time” to take on a significant professional development project. We have heard the same comments from people several years in a row. And then they realize that if that want to actually become a certified divorce coach, they have to make the time to do it.


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Is it time to Take the Leap?

Do you know that the three biggest months for filing for divorce are January February and March? If you want to be ready to make yourself visible as a Certified Divorce Coach at the beginning of 2018, you can do that if you jump into the course which starts August 29 or 30 and ends

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Working with a Client Making Biggest Mistake Number 6 in Divorce: Wanting Guarantees and Certainty

Paralyzed by Uncertainty

Lillian is wrapping up the marriage settlement agreement with her husband and she has a lot of concerns. Her concerns could derail the progress they have made over the past few weeks and also in order to convince her to sign the agreement, her spouse may likely threaten to withdraw a very

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Focusing on the Money in Divorce is Not Enough!

Because of the stresses of divorce, the situation often requires us to communicate differently with the client. While the issue that is under discussion may be financial, the solution is to talk to the person and not to the finances. If you retreat into the financial cocoon of developing different financial scenarios without talking to

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How do you turn the story of the divorce into the business of divorce?

How do you turn the story of the divorce into the business of divorce? Clients need our support in helping them to shift their focus from the emotional responses in divorce to the practical, fact-based process for moving forward.

No archeological digs, no museum walks, no looking in the rear-view mirror –

Why do clients

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Where was I when I needed me?

After weeks 2 or 3 of our program, participants often ask this question: Where was I when I needed me? It echoes another comment we get every time we share with people what we do as a divorce coach” “I wish I had has a divorce coach during my divorce!”

And reflections at the end

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You are going to miss it!

We frequently hear from those enrolled in our program – “I started following you almost 2 years ago and I just wish I hadn’t waited so long to take this program”.

I don’t want you to say the same thing – so this is just to give you fair warning! Don’t miss the next opportunity

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Getting More Visibility as a Divorce Coach – The Easy and Natural Way

Are you dreading having to get out there to sell and convince people that they need to hire you as a divorce coach? Then don’t do that?

Here is a different perspective:

If they know that you can help them address their biggest concern, and end up with a different

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Avoiding Two Big Mistakes in Divorce!

Mistake #1- Throwing in the towel.

A woman in her early 60’s who had spent a good part of her career supporting her husband in his business decided she wanted to get away from the difficult reality of the divorce decisions and the emotional toll it was taking on her. She packed up her bags

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