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A New Way to Think About Divorce

Have you ever heard the terms “divorce,” “compassion,” “cost effectiveness,” and “best possible outcome” used together? To be honest, before my own divorce it never occurred to me that all these things were possible at the same time. But now I’ve seen first hand that the scorched-earth strategy isn’t the smartest approach. There’s a better way, one that will produce happier results for all involved.

Divorce Stories

As a divorce coach, I sometimes think of divorce as a story. The character you play in that story makes a huge difference in the outcome. I believe we have two basic choices about which role to play: we can be the constructive Problem Solver, or the resentful, punishing Destroyer.

Showing up as a problem solver isn’t easy. It takes courage, determination, and lots of support. But in the end, it’s worth the commitment. Being a problem solver will create options for you and your children that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Where I Come Into Your Story

I teach my clients how to have awareness, in any given moment, of how they are showing up and the path they are likely on. I’ll give you the confidence to forge ahead, and the tools to draw upon if your emotions have led you down an unintended path. I’ll help you to minimize the chaos, conserve costs, find compassion for yourself and others, and move forward quickly. I’ll connect you with the professional resources you need.

Most important, you’ll be proud of the way you showed up in your divorce story.

A Look Into a Client’s Story

Kathy shares: Taking the high road isn’t the first choice most of us make when we are under tremendous stress. Deb offered strategies to help me work through the divorce process. One strategy was to resist the urge to use harsh and critical words with the person who has caused you and your children so much pain.

For example, with email, Deb encouraged be to write whatever message or response I wanted, but to not send it until I was able to edit out the anger or hurt. In the meantime, if I wanted to vent or reason things out, I could work through it with Deb, a trusted sounding board.

Deb was right. I was able to get my points across and be heard, and far less likely to get a highly charged response. Staying on the high road isn’t easy, but it pays dividends down the line. Plus it created a positive pattern of personal behavior – one that I still follow.

My Professional Background

Deb is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®. She also holds an M.B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh, and a B.A. from Chatham University. In addition, Deb is a graduate of the Coach U Core Program and a member of the International Coaching Federation.

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I can help you be proud of your divorce story!

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