Wondering How To Spot The BIG Mistakes Your Divorcing Clients Are Making and Nip them in the Bud?

We are sharing with you the 6 BIGGEST Mistakes that are at the root of many of the legal and financial and co-parenting mistakes that clients make – and so avoidable with the right reality checks!

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Avoiding the 6 Biggest Mistakes in Divorce

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Monday, October 23, 2017, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EDT

This FREE virtual workshop is for YOU if you:

  • Are feeling powerless from stopping your clients in their tracks when you see them making one of these big mistakes.
  • Can’t seem to convince someone to re-think a choice they are making that you know will have serious consequences!
  • You want to help people avoid some of the pitfalls of decision-making which may have significant financial implications!
  • Want to find a more comprehensive way to help individuals through this challenging divorce process and major life change.


When you see someone about to make a disastrous decision because they are stuck in their thinking, you want to jump in in a way that will make a difference.  You want to get them to stop and really think about the impact of their decisions in the longer term!

Have I hit the mark here?

Divorce Coaching is designed to help people develop greater awareness and shift their perspective so they can make better choices for themselves and their family based on their wants, needs and concerns.
We are happy to share our comprehensive 6 part program which gives you all of the pieces you need to provide effective and life-changing impact as a personal divorce coach.

Here is what you are going to learn when you attend:

Avoiding the 6 Biggest Mistakes in Divorce:

  • right-choiceHow to recognize when your client is about to make one of these mistakes
  • The consequences of these mistakes
  • Understanding some common pitfalls in decision making
  • Steps you can take as a coach to impact their perspective
  • How to get them in touch with their best as a co-parent, as a client, and as an advocate for themselves.
  • Gathering the team which can help them where the rubber meets the road in their decisions.

 P.S. As a SPECIAL BONUS...when you register for the webinar we will also provide to you some priceless information in the downloadable PDF  from their recently published book Divorce, Overcome the Overwhelm and Avoid the Six Biggest Mistakes – Insights from Personal Divorce Coaches, available on Amazon.

Our Promise:

We’ll answer any questions you have about any aspect of coaching clients through the 6 Biggest Mistakes; or any aspect of becoming a Divorce Coach. And we will make a valuable experience so you can apply what you learn right now and also find out more about how to really develop your expertise in this area.

Why do you want to listen to us?

We are Randy and Pegotty Cooper, co-founders of the CDC Certified Divorce Coach Program –
And we would like you to join us the upcoming virtual workshop:

Leveraging Your Experience to Become a Certified Divorce Coach

Built on almost a decade of serving people in divorce as a family mediator and as a coach, we understand exactly why the role of Divorce Coach is an important and missing player in many divorces. In fact, everyone we share the information with, including attorneys and therapists, they all say “I wish I had had a personal Divorce Coach in my divorce!”

We are also authors of the book: Divorce: Overcome the Overwhelm and Avoid the Six Biggest Mistakes in Divorce – Insights for Personal Divorce Coaches.

Divorce overwhelms everything, including the other professionals who work with clients in divorce. We can not only show you how to leverage your experience, but also how NOT to get overwhelmed yourself in the divorce coaching practice because your mission is to serve the client in the best way possible –

  • Identifying and addressing their concerns one at a time
  • Helping them to avoid the biggest mistakes people make in their decision making
  • Leveraging all of your relationships in finding the right people to be part of the divorce team for each client!

It is time to become one of those personal divorce coaches who can thrive in helping others to overcome their overwhelm!

Avoiding the 6 Biggest Mistakes in Divorce

Choose a time below for this FREE WEBINAR

Monday, October 23, 2017, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EDT


The Mentor Program helped me get up to speed much faster.Right-Quote
Cathy Tusek, Certified Coach, Ohio


The CDC program enabled me to hit the ground running!Right-Quote
Petalyn Swart-Albert, Certified Co-Active Coach, California


This class exceeded my expectations and was priceless!!!! Pegotty and Randy were amazing role models and inspired me to do my best!!! The tools were instrumental and provided me with confidence that I can succeed!!! The knowledge and expertise involved with the class were over the top!!!Right-Quote
Kerri Schnapper, New City, NY


I got everything I expected from the course and more. The quality of the program and how focused it is fantastic.  I feel as though I bought a business in a box.Right-Quote
Michael Carlisle, NV